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The Waunakee area has an array of houses including traditional, ranch, and modern style homes with a majority of them being single-family homes. It’s a great neighborhood for families with kids of all ages because it hosts an abundance of parks and amenities while still maintaining the small town feel.

In pass time, many families like to head over to Centennial Park or the Ripp Recreation Area to enjoy the tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, and tennis courts.

To highlight the family-friendly neighborhood, Waunakee is home to several schools including Heritage Elementary, Prairie Elementary, Waunakee Intermediate, Waunakee Middle School, and Waunakee High School.

Along with the other amenities, residents have access to a variety of restaurants including The Lone Girl Brewing Co, Rex’s Innkeeper, Spring Garden, Zoe’s Pizzeria, Gold Nugget Bar & Grill.

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