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Westmorland is a family-friendly neighborhood that rests on the west side of Madison. It is primarily residential with a majority of the houses being single-family homes.

The architectural styles of the homes in this neighborhood vary from mid-century modern to colonial to ranch-style, showing it is a diverse area to live in.

Westmorland is known to be a safe and peaceful environment, allowing families to grow up in the suburban lifestyle while also being close to downtown Madison. Most families enjoy Westmorland Park, which is the hub for togetherness. It offers sports fields, playgrounds, walking trails, and space for other recreational activities.

The location of this neighborhood is convenient for families with it being near the West High School and the Midvale and Lincoln Elementary School. There is also access to a major transportation route that reaches UW Madison.

The community is brought together by the Westmorland Community Association during their various activities. They take pride in hosting these bigger events like Winter Play Day, Halloween Parade and Party, and Summer Garden Tour. They also sponsor different contests, like the Winter House Decorating, to keep the residents involved.

This friendly community offers several amenities for families to enjoy.

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