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The Fitchburg neighborhood is nestled between downtown Madison and the farmland of Wisconsin, so it has a mixture of suburban, commercial, industrial, and rural properties.

Within the Fitchburg area, there are several parks and recreational areas including Lake Waubesa, Mud Lake, Prarie Moraine Park, and Quarry Ridge.

Along with outdoor activities, there are a variety of places to wine, dine, and catch up with friends. Some recommended places include Quivey’s Grove, Great Dane Pub & Brewing, Bonfyre American Grille, and The Thirsty Goat.

On a more family friendly note, there are many daycares and schools in close proximity to or in the Fitchburg area including Pooh Bear Childcare, Savanna Oaks Middle School, and Hillcrest High School.

This community is unique because they want to rely on sustainable energy as much as possible. To do this, it is powered completely by solar panels and they encourage people to install solar on their homes.

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